• About ADAM

    Portland Native, University of Oregon Anthropology Graduate

    There's something special about taking raw materials and turning them into things people enjoy. It's why I love woodworking. Seeing someone's face light up when they walk into their renovated kitchen or when they sit in a chair they'll pass down for generations—it's the best form of payment.


    Growing up the son of a general contractor, I've always been around construction. The smell of fresh cut wood immediately takes me back to childhood days spent "on the job" with dad. But, my true appreciation for woodworking really began when I remodeled my first home—a 1927 bungalow in Centralia, WA.


    I took the house down to its studs, removing layers of wallpaper, paint and shiplap and gently restoring its original windows and doors. I gained an intimate understanding of the quality craftsmanship that went into building that home 85 years before, and I took great pride knowing my updates would help it thrive for another 85 years.


    We live in a "throw-away" culture that overlooks craftsmanship and fine details. It's all about taking out the old, putting in new and making a quick buck. With my work, I hope to help people realize the beauty in the old and create well-made products that will last a lifetime.

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